There are four sorts of links in JAMWiki:

  1. internal links to other pages in the wiki
  2. external links to other websites
  3. interwiki links to other websites registered to the wiki in advance
  4. Virtual wiki links to other virtual wikis on the current wiki

Internal links

To add an internal link, enclose the name of the page you want to link to in double square brackets. When you save the page, you'll see the new link pointing to your page. If the page exists already it is displayed in blue, if it does not, in red.

Selflinks to the current page are not transformed in URLs but displayed in bold.
(If you really want to link to the current page, use an anchor (see below), or [[#top|current page]] which always links to the top.)

The first letter of the target page is automatically capitalized, unless otherwise set by the admins, and spaces are represented as underscores (typing an underscore in the link will have a similar effect as typing a space, but is not recommended, since the underscore will also be shown in the text).

You type
You get
Internal link

Piped link
[[JAMWiki|different text]]

different text
word-ending links









Internal link to an anchor
[[#Internal links]]

Section headings and the top of the page are automatically anchored.
#Internal links
Internal link to an anchor from different text
[[#Internal links|different text]]

different text
Setting an internal link anchor
<div id="NameOfAnchorHere">optional text</div>

Omit the "optional text" for invisible anchor.
optional text

Internal link to an anchor at another page
[[Help:Images#Internal links]]

Help:Images#Internal links
Internal link to the current page's talk page

Internal link to a category page
[[:Category:User Documentation]]

See also Help:Categories
Category:User Documentation
Internal link to an image or a file of other types




= External links =={| border="1" class


!style="width:45%"|You type
!style="width:40%"|You get
|External link
|External link with different label
|[ MediaWiki]
|Numbered external link
|External links with file icons
| [ video] [ sound] [ document]



|External link to the same host
|External link to other host passing the pagename
|Mailto link
|[ email me]
|email me
|Mailto named with subject line and body
|[;body=Body%20Text info]

How to avoid auto-links

By default, when you write a URL as is, it will be transformed to an external link.

To avoid that effect, put the URL between <nowiki> tags as in:


Interwiki links

Interwiki links are links with the internal link markup to a website registered in advance. For example, you can link to the Sunflower article on by typing [[wikipedia:Sunflower]], which will result in a link wikipedia:Sunflower. This is because is registered to your wiki by default with the prefix of wikipedia. This link may not work properly, if the admin of your wiki has changed the setting. Unlike internal links, interwiki links do not use page existence detection, so an interwiki link will appear blue even if the page does not exist on the remote wiki.

Similar to internal page links, you can create piped links, with alternate link label, e.g. [[:wikipedia:Sunflower|big yellow flower]].

Basically this is an abbreviation for longer URLs. A very similar link could be created as a normal external link by typing [ big yellow flower], but interwiki links allow you to type out an easy and compact link, almost as if you are linking to a page on your own wiki.

The available interwiki links that are configured for a site can be managed from the Special:VirtualWiki tool by users with admin rights on the wiki.

The default Interwiki links installed with JAMWiki (as of version 1.1) are:

Prefix Pattern Target
jamwikiorg{0} JAMWiki
mediawiki{0} MediaWiki
metawikipedia{0} Wikimedia Meta-Wiki
wiki{0} WikiWiki
wikia{0} Wikia
wikipedia{0} Wikipedia
wikiquote{0} Wikiquote
wikinews{0} Wikinews

Virtual wiki links

If your wiki utilizes virtual wikis, you may find "virtual wiki links" in the sidebar in the box named "Other Languages."

Virtual wiki links behave similar to interwiki links, except that they are listed in a separate box. To create an virtual wiki link from a page, just type [[:virtual wiki prefix:pagename]] wherever you like in the page; the language prefix is the prefix specified at your wiki for the other language version (typically the ISO language code).

If you want to make the virtual wiki link to appear in the content of the page, you can add a colon before the language prefix, e.g. [[:en:Sunflower]].